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...we have been advocates for the cure of Leiomyosarcoma, via the Sarcoma Foundation of America, since our mother's death from this rare and horrible disease in 1997. Sandra Gilpin valiantly fought her very personal battle for fourteen (14) years and succumbed at the young age of 55 in Los Angeles, California. Our father, Jim O'Brien née Oldham of WPVI/ABC News in Philadelphia, PA had died in a skydiving accident when he was 43. Our step-dad is Wes Gilpin.

It was the beginning of my diagnosis, under the care of my mother's and my General Internist, Erika Trapp, MD. As I was leaving a MRI at Clements Imaging at Simmons/Seay Comprehensive Cancer Center in February, 2009, I was stopped by the Radiologist's Tech. I was on my way to my St. Valentines Day lunch.

Essentially, they stopped me in my tracks and ambulanced me to Zale-Lipshy. Kevin Morrill, MD became my Attending Neurosurgeon along with his Fellowship Resident, at the time, Bryan McGowan, MD (who now is in Private Practice at Medical City ~ Dallas, Texas). During those three (3) weeks, I had a 10~hour Neurosurgery to re-section my pulverized T-12. My cancer had mestactisized from my Uterus to my T-12 and ate it. Actually, a move like that makes perfect sense,

As a patient of Dr. Trapp, I needed an Oncology team. All I knew is that I did not want to do Chemotherapy right away, per se. I went to MD Anderson. That's what they wanted to do.

In the meantime, my fabulous Dr. Trapp put together a great team for me here in Dallas.

UTSW had yet to have their NCI-CC rating. Long story short...when they did, my Oncologist, Thomas Froehlich, MD was it's Director. In the meantime, I had to have another surgery, the revered Siobhan M. Kehoe, MD is my Onc Surgeon.

When I had to have Radiation on my T-12, Dan Garwood took care of me then and again when my "C0" & C1, near my brain, had to be done & analyzed, as I was going out the door to go to Parkland on Disability. So, they arranged a Thanksgiving schedule for me. They said, "So long" to me on New Year's Eve 2011. They all had been so goo to me and my rare little tumors.

When Gerald Matchett, MD saw me, at his turn as Head of the Parklard Pain Clinic, he gave me the wrong Test (Expanded 5-Panel), in the unsecured Chain of Custody Urinalysis to discover the synthetic opioids which he, himself, prescribed.

Then, he quit and had his minion, John Alexander, MD say to me, "You are kicked out. We know that you are a drug dealer."

This was surreal. Never, I can honestly say had I ever been treated like this. It's not for any other reason...the blind helplessness, the total disbelief at the blinding ego, the pure powerless & the UNwillingness of any of his colleagues to "get involved"...talk about the gang in blue or whatever...there is also "a gang in white".

I immediately called Information Services and got an appointment with Qwest Diagnostics for a Hair Analysis. I had the lock of hair cut out and the Chain of Custody paperwork filled out to go to the Dean of Anesthesiology and Pain Management at UTSW Medical School, Charles Whitten, MD. Then, I filed a Formal Complaint against: Gerald A. Matchett, MD, John Alexander, MD and the Branch Manager of whose name I am unsure at this time.

The Hair Analysis hit Charles Whitten, MD's desk. He contacted who, at the time was my Doctor @ Parkland's Oncology/Hematology GI/GU clinic, a revered Fellowship Resident with a PhD, MD. My PhD, MD and another Fellowship Pharma Resident went over the Qwest Diagnostic test and my Numbers were in Good Order and it went back four (4) months.

They took that Test & those Number before the Formal Complaint Roundtable, where GERALD A. MATCHETT et al was PRESENT! The PhD, MD took the Test and those GOOD #s before the CII Board who CLEARED me for for my CII Meds for the Remainder of my DISABILTY under PARKLAND's care.

When Gerald A. Matchett, MD went to UTSW, within that period of time, 2012, to get his current job, he told UTSW that I, Patti Oldham Wynne, is a Drug Trafficker.

When I got back to UTSW, in 2014 (it was old news) I was told by my Doctors Froehlich, Kehoe et al that I was essentially a pariah, that ALL Doctors had been "Warned" and I had been a reported to Austin. For certain, I was exiled from Pain Management and they, as my Oncology Doctors could NOT prescribe for me.

My experiences, for instance in UTSW Radiation where I had been told "one false move and we could sever your spine" when I was treated with kid gloves in my first ($83,000.00) sessions... To where the Attending doctor would no longer look at me and I was left to be dragged into position for SABR Radiation by two (2) Techs and snickered at by a Station full of the remainder of the Techs...as an example.

As a result of GERALD A. MATCHETT, MD straight up and consciously LIED to UTSW NCI-CC about a Stage IV Cancer Patient who, at the time, had all of her hair, took FEMARA for "CHEMO", had the extra poundage, accordingly; enjoyed being happy, and had a re-sectioned T-12 vertabrae;

Thusly, she required Pain Management at the Parkland Pain Clinic, for whom he gave the wrong test for her URINALYSIS and KNEW it yet, DID NOT have the courage to tell UTSW NCI-CC the TRUTH. So, he RUINED her REPUTATION; the Reputation of a STAGE IV LEIOMYOSARCOMA patient (MAYBE as far~reaching as with the State of Texas) and her DOCTORS ability to Effectively TREAT her. And EVERYBODY knew IT.

UTSW NCI-CC sold out right along with him. UTSW NCI-CC required NO substantiation to DISSEMINATE and SUPPORT this FABRICATION everyday...it only takes a password.

Erika Trapp, MD (Her mother's and Patti's (advocate) & General Internist who had been so pro~Active in her Diagnosis and Care) retired the very day before the PET Scan that imaged the end of Remission for Patti Oldham Wynne, a few months before her return to UTSW NCI-CC and her Discovery of this salacious situation.

Initially, Patti was referred to the UTSW NCI-CC Head of Anesthesiology and Pain Management to see if there was some way to circumvent and try to work together from within. Immediately, he wrote into the Record that Patti had NO previous Medical Issues, Myalgia of the Left Buttock (as the source of her pain) and Emotional Problem, Unknown.

Then, up among other things, he recommended a new program that their Department was starting: Group Physical Therapy, Group Talk Therapy and One on One Therapy. Lots of opportunity to get a lot of "whatever they wanted" on the record.

That Saturday, I had Imaging. We discovered two(2) new tumors at L5 & L2 via CT and MRI. Just not sure tossing medicine balls with new friends was the answer to my particular dilemma.

Reason of review: Public Retraction & Apology.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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